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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

In the News - Haiti Earthquake

Firstly apologies that this post has nothing to do with Customer Service, Helpdesks or Operations.  Sometimes there is a need to pay attention to what is really important in the world and right now that is the situation in Haiti.  Now for those of my readers out there who think that this post is off topic - I am very sorry ... when I say "really important" its key to remember the reason we do what we do.  Its for our families and to enjoy them.  Work should be a means to an end and not the end in itself.

With thousands of people feared dead or lost, this is unfortunately not the best way for a New Year to start and it brings back echoes of the Tsunami from 2004/05.  In that event, over 200,000 people were killed in Asia and the Far East.  One can only hope that the Haitian earthquake does not have a similar death toll.

It's scary how quickly tragedies of this nature can occur, with little or no warning, and considering how advanced we are as a species and people it's even more of a pity that some sort of early warning system has not yet been developed.  For a race that has reached the moon, we really need to think about how all of our eggs are in one basket right now and that we need to grow up and grow up fast if we're planning on making it in the long run.

It is however encouraging that regardless of a worldwide financial meltdown and crisis people, ordinary people are still willing to help and going out of their way to provide their services to complete strangers.  People they've never met before and if this hadn't happened never would have met!  It's astounding how often ordinary people can make a difference - they just need to know the power that they have.  

There might actually be some hope for us - after all.