CXMaster is a website focused on customer service & experience. It was created with the vision of making knowledge that transforms the customer experience easily accessible for:
  • Big & small business, in all economic sectors, who wish to put the Customer at the heart of every business decision.
  • Customer service professionals who wish to gain insights that will be of great assistance in their careers.
I'm a business professional and someone that has been involved with the Internet and technology from the days of dial-up and DSL. Over that time I've managed and built customer service and technical support teams and have designed a host of websites.

My name is Hutch Morzaria and I live and breathe customer service. Perhaps a somewhat sad statement, but the fact is that I really get joy out of helping customers solve problems. I like to think that I'm the Wolverine of the Support and Services world, to be honest!

Over the course of my career, I've helped startups grow and multinationals thrive. My strengths are in the teams that I build and nurture. I've found that often what seems like simple common sense to me is something very unique and unknown to others. I understand teams and team leadership and can go beyond simple KPI's to what is important for a business. Building and integrating quality systems and tools that take into account the true customer journey is only part of the process. A larger part is educating the employees so that they understand the impact they have on the business itself.

You see for me, customer service is about more than just solving that one individual problem - it is a search for the underlying causes of the issues at stake and coming up with a plan to address those deeper underlying issues. Today, the customer’s experience is the most powerful differentiator in business. Stand apart from your competitors, improve customer loyalty and grow your profits. Deliver customer experiences that set your business up for growth and lasting relationships.

I am an ITIL trained professional and I have used my skills in the manufacturing space, with web hosting companies, eCommerce firms, eGaming and even telecommunications organizations. Considering today’s global competition and the increasingly innovative manners in which companies are directing their customer service programs, you need someone that has both the insight and the scope to bring you continuous customer loyalty.

If you are interested in providing a personalized service that embraces the latest technological innovations, then I'm your man. I've helped businesses roll out a multitude of different CRM systems and understand scheduling and staffing intimately. Creation of scorecards is second nature but understanding that numbers by themselves only tell half the story and it is imperative to go deeper.

Through my experience, I have become adept at overseeing a wide variety of operational and fiscal responsibilities. If you are interested in creating world-class customer services and support organization - one that puts the customer at the heart of the business - then reach out to me through the contact form or connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

I really enjoy what I do. With more than two decades of progressive customer service and management expertise, I offer you that passion, vision, and scope. Contact me and let me help you and your business become something special.