Money and Your Team

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As much as you’d like your team to work for free and to have the highest quality staff at the lowest possible prices … it will never happen.  You might tell yourself that you’re doing what you’re doing because you love the job and the company that you work for and that your staff and Read More

When does Customer Service End?

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Have you ever noticed that the small entrepreneur will go that extra mile, while the big businesses don’t bother?  I guess the easiest explanation for this is that these smaller business people are actually closer to their customers and are able to realize the importance and value of customer service in driving back repeat business.  A good Read More

Mind Mapping

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What is Mind Mapping?  In its simplest form, it is a technique whereby you use a diagram to represent words and ideas.  Linked to this are other tasks or items that are related to the previous item in a hierarchical fashion.  By arranging the elements intuitively according to their relative importance it is easy to Read More

The Curse of the “berry”

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Are you invaluable?  How about irreplaceable?  Will the world stop turning if you don’t pick up the phone or answer that email? No?OK, so why are you ignoring your family (or friends or yourself??) to pick up the phone?  It’s very easy for companies to take advantage of employees & even more so managers who Read More

Irate Customers

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The unfortunate fact of the matter is that you will receive complaints from customers.  Sometimes these are warranted and sometimes not.  Having the skill and patience to deal with these types of issues is what makes (or breaks) an excellent service & help-desk team. People working the Customer Service and Helpdesk fields are often at the sharp Read More

What is a Helpdesk?

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OK, to start with it’s not a desk that helps people! A help desk is a team of individuals (generally support staff) that provide solutions and resolutions to customers experiencing problems. Generally working at the 1st tier of the support model they are responsible for Incident reporting and resolution vs. Problem Management (I shall discuss Read More

Exceptional Customer Service

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One important thing to remember from a Customer Service point of view is that the last person you speak to (or chat with or email) is also the most likely to buy your service or product in the future. This is obviously not a hard and fast rule, but more an estimation of the impact Read More

Importance of Exceptional Customer Service

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When was the last time you had a coffee?  I don’t mean in the office, but in a regular takeout joint, one of those ones with a drive-through window?  Have you gotten to the window after repeating your order to the “big talking head” only to have it wrong when you get there? When someone Read More

Erlang ‘C’ & Scheduling for Call Centres – IV

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The key things you need to remember if you’re using Excel or any staffing program is to ensure that your minimum coverage matches your expected call volumes and coverage levels based on the Erlang ‘C’ formula and tools mentioned earlier.  It ill behooves you to have too many resources at 2am when you’re only expecting Read More

Job Search & Resume Essentials

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Fortunately (and unfortunately) as a Manager you will frequently get involved in the process of hiring new staff.  The unfortunate downside is that as a Manager you will also have to sometimes terminate staff – see my post on PIPs earlier – but this to some extent goes with the territory.  Let’s look at the Read More

Communication and Customer Service

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An extremely funny story that demonstrates the importance of listening to your customers. This is some correspondence which actually occurred between a London hotel’s staff and one of its guests. The London hotel involved submitted this to the Sunday Times. No name was mentioned. ————————————————- Dear Maid, Please do not leave any more of those Read More

Internal & External SLA’s

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A very important point to remember at all times is that you need to have a more aggressive Internal SLA vs. the one that you are offering to your customers. I know it sounds self-evident doesn’t it, but there is no end of organizations that I’ve dealt with where customers are offered a 4hr SLA Read More