April 20, 2024

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Why is Everyone Chatting?

All the world over, businesses are changing their modes of operation. More specifically in how they handle their customers. This is because the population all over the world is mostly comprised of the youthful (the millennials) whose tastes and technology application in business greatly influences preferences.

Customer care is a critical issue in growing your business to resonate with the millennials equally. A company whose presence can be felt is dependent on the level of customer care. Anything short of client-sensitive customer care will see the clients shying away from interacting with the business contact center and probably moving to another different business that can guarantee them the service they want. This is a common trait of the millennials (born from around 1980 to the mid 90’s)

Drop in Traditional Customer Interaction Services.

According to BI intelligence, interactions with customer service through traditional channels like email and phone have dropped in the United States by 7% in the past two years. This drop may have been triggered partly by poor customer service and also by the fact that consumers (youthful consumers) are embracing automated consumer communication channels at a higher rate.

Talk about poor customer service, and you imagine the long ques at the counter before you are served or do a one on one inquiry with customer care representative. Hectic. Rather still, most millennials would lose their patience with the traditional phone calls at the customer care where they’ll be placed on hold or redirected to various departments before accessing the service they want. Now think about these millennials having an alternative place where these barriers can be eliminated or reduced to the lowest level! They will definitely shun the older system and embrace that which is sensitive to their needs.

These traditional customer service does not cover the vast population of the millennials who now enjoy some real-time business to business apps that are web-based services which even offer live chats with the customers. Try to do a comparative analysis of online business to business(B2B) and emailing a business for later response. What will suppose be the choice to the millennials? Well, the answer is obvious, that which will hasten and give them the best transaction service.                                                                    

Bridging the Gap

We all know that customer care is a crucial ‘ingredient’ to the success of a business. So how do bridge the gap between the millennials and customer service? According to Stewart Bloom(CEO Aspect Software), improving customer interaction is an inevitable thing and must be done for a business to remain relevant.

Make Customer Interaction Real-Time. 

Well, this may sound ridiculous and expensive but other businesses are trying out so as to capture that vast market of the millennials. Some business web platforms are deploying live chat software to answer customers’ questions and inquiries to are handled in a more faster way so as to capture their attention and feeling that the business actually cares for their wants.

In most instances, live chat can not only be more approachable but easier and less threatening to navigate for those introverts who may not have liked your customer care service and may not even complain. Companies have also tried to be more responsible since they understand the impact a social media can bring to their businesses. According to BI intelligence, messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, and Viber have had the highest number of users. These are places businesses should target their customers from.

Which way Then?

All these millennial stuff may sound crazy but something worth noting here is that responsive technology that tackles customers’ interaction problems with business is gaining ground daily. This is simply because millennials are not only early adopters, they are also, according to Tech Times, the most connected in a generation.

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