April 19, 2024

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Trends that Will Change the Way You Do Business

The world witnessed a paradigm shift in reliance of the global economy on emerging technology due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Imagine people sitting at home hoping if they could purchase something they need but the local markets are closed. Businesses that served people well during the past few months are going to make the most of it is in the future. They managed to establish their brand as the whole world shifted to contactless payments and online shopping. The future trend has been set and even after the COVID-19 lockdown, people will find it convenient to use mobile applications for most of the products and services.

The expert study of Statista claimed that by 2020 $581.9 billion will be generated in revenue by mobile applications. And in this tech realm, you can just expect the numbers to grow. So, if you want to boost up your business you must invest in the digitalization of your business to attract a larger market.

It isn’t that the COVID-19 has changed the world, it just stimulated the ongoing process. It drove public closer to mobile apps. As a businessperson, you need to realize the big impact on the way you do business. If you are able to anticipate and make the most of the quickly changing trends, you can have an edge over your competitors within months.

Here are the top trends that will change the way you do business. So, are you ready to revolutionize your business and keep up with the dominant business trends of 2020?

1. Integration of Artificial Intelligence and Incorporation of Machine Learning

AI and Machine Learning are going to help mobile apps become smarter than ever before. The anticipation of the Artificial Intelligence market is worth $191 billion by 2024 has provided a great incentive to businessmen and provoked them to combine AI with Human Intelligence.

The identification of critical issues, instantaneous troubleshooting, quick response, and building of applications based on prior data has been feasible due to the contributions of these systems.

The AI sphere continues to expand and evolve especially when you look at the way the apps are anticipated users’ preferences and buying behaviors. Apps continue to improve thanks to the use of the latest automation techniques allowing businesses to engage the app users in a better way.

2. Instant Mobile Applications; A Preview

Aren’t you able to judge the movie and your peaking interest in it just by the trailer? Mobile Apps also help the decision making process in many ways. The app demos give you a taste of what the app may be like and then you can decide for yourself. This trend helps users save time and resources on apps that they are not interested in.

3. Introduction of Wireless 5G Networks

The 5G wireless service has been under fine sights and immense works as the world anticipate the launch of this technology. The speed of the 5G network will supersede that of 4G by 100 times and will be one of the most highly acknowledged transitions in the history of networking.

Enhanced speed, improved cybersecurity, fast and uninterrupted 3D gaming, and boosted speed are the salient features of the 5G network. The web developers are delved into the making of appropriate applications that can allow users to avail of the endless opportunities granted by the 5G network. Like you, we can’t wait for it either!

4. Virtual & Augmented Reality Integration

The integration of AR and VR is no longer restricted to gaming and entertainment but has extended its functionality in fields of science, travel, education, business, and even automobiles. If you are crazy about Pokémon Go, you will observe how this epitome of an AR app has taken the Play store and App Store by storm.

The improved conversion rates and enhanced user experiences are the cogent examples of how the integration of AR in apps has been very advantageous for globally recognized and emerging brands. These technologies are still evolving and are being improved to optimize the operations of all applications.

5. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

As the name suggests, this page is a version of HTML that enhances and boosts the speed of mobile pages. The AMP is in collaboration with the widely used app, Twitter.

Through AMP, web developers can improve the performance of heavy mobile pages and enhance the buffering speed and keep the bounce rates low across all mobile phones and devices. Google has also incorporated the AMP Listings in the mobile search results to decrease the loading time of web pages.

6. Internet of Things (IoT) App

You are mistaken if you think there is an existential crisis or a worldly issue that the internet cannot resolve. The installation of the Internet of Things’ Application will be compelling evidence for our claim. As we are approaching the inevitable future, you will observe how with the help of intricate IoT systems, you will be able to control nearly everything around you. 

This application will launch a platform from which you could control many non-IT instruments just through the app irrespective of your location and many other conventional constraints.

7. Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development

This term refers to the advancement made in mobile applications so that they can operate on different and multiple mobile platforms at a given time. The Bring Your Device trend has been circulating in the workplace for quite long now. It implies that employees can bring their mobile devices and use them instead of their regular desktops’ computers.

This meant that businesses had to figure out a way to develop corporate mobile apps in such a way that the corporate data and necessary software could be made accessible. So, cross-platform mobile application development came into existence that is compatible with different networks and mobile operating systems.


The mobile application market is expanding pretty fast. The innovations and technologies introduced are unimaginable. As we read about what the future holds for the evolution of apps, we begin to realize that it transcends all technological bounds and will be unlike ever before.

If you are currently working on the development of an app, keep these trends in mind and know that users are expecting the integration of these technologies.

The rapidly growing app industry wasn’t obstructed by the pandemic and we believe that 2020 is just the beginning, the coming years will completely blow our minds!


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