More Six Sigma Basics

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Six Sigma as we discussed in our earlier post is not intended to as a quick fix but is rather a systematic process and procedure that is focused on ongoing quality improvement. The ultimate goal of a Lean Six Sigma project is continually improved and sustained quality through an improved and more efficient process. Six Sigma Read More

How to Land the Perfect Job – Part 1 (Job Boards & Recruiters)

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While this post is not specifically customer service or operations related, it is something you’ve probably experienced or will experience at least once in your career so it’s worth exploring. I’ve talked a bit about interviewing and using LinkedIn and other job boards in some previous posts. I’ve also talked about job searches, resumes and Read More

The Basics of Six Sigma

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Six Sigma’s goal is process improvement and variation reduction. By improving processes and reducing defects, customer satisfaction is naturally improved.Minimizing defects in production through continuous improvement. Six Sigma focuses on measuring the impact of an improvement project and uses the following phases: Defining Measuring Analyzing Improving, and Controlling We’ve seen this before in the DMAIC process that Read More