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Customer Service Customer Service – the simple explanation from Wikipedia (here) is that it is “… is the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase.” Now regardless of the type of Call (Contact) Centre you run you are always providing Customer Service. You can call the center a NOC (Network Operations Centre) a Technical Service Read More

Top CX Posts of 2018

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Customer service blog posts and/or articles are non-fiction pieces of literature that require extensive research and experience in the field. Therefore, the general expectations that you should expect when reading such an article are for the writer(s) to have at least some years of experience or familiarity with the subject. There are hundreds and thousands Read More

How to Maintain A Good Customer Experience

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We often talk about how we should create a satisfactory customer service experience in order to impress first-time comers and regulars to any company. However, once you’ve established a good customer service, one that impresses anyone who comes across your business and manages to keep them hooked to your products and/or services, what’re you going Read More

Why Does the Right CRM Make a Difference

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If you run a business that relies on customer experience to grow, then chances are that you have probably heard about CRMs multiple times in your life. If you haven’t and this is the first time you have heard of it, then you’re in luck! In this post, I’m going to talk all about what Read More

How to Land the Perfect Job – Part 5 (Interviewing)

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Check out the previous posts related to the Job Search. Part 1 – Job Boards & RecruitersPart 2 – Networking & Other Job Search MethodsPart 3 – LinkedInPart 4 – The Resume & Cover Letter Confident Interviewing  Before you even consider the tips and bits of advice that will make the interview less stressful, you Read More

ITIL Service Catalogs

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By this point, you hopefully realize that I’m a bit of an ITIL and process junkie! The ITIL Service Catalog is part of the ITIL Service design module, but while it seems very focused on the design side, it has implications in many other areas. Basically, its aim is making sure reliable, accurate information from Read More

Dispelling Misconceptions – What we Think we Know About IoT and Security

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The internet of things – IoT for short – is taking over the world, specifically businesses. This technology is the latest in the series of technological evolutions that have taken place since the computer (and the internet) was first created. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are misconceptions not only surrounding IoT itself but also Read More

Management & Problem Solving

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As someone that has been involved in Technical Support and Operations for the majority of my career, problem-solving is something that I’m very interested in! Now many believe that this is a skill that only applies to the actual support resource but in reality, it is something that applies throughout the chain from the customer all Read More

Organizational Behaviour vs Organizational Theory

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Organizational Behaviour (OB) is a study of people. While this could be likened to the famous Pavlov and his experiments with dogs, in this case, the study is specifically around the attitudes and performance of people in organizations. OB tries to analyze how the work performed contributes to the effectiveness of a business and it Read More

Why Managers Need To Understand Organizational Behavior

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Regardless of if you spell it Behavior or Behaviour, Managers need to understand what makes their teams “tick”. With the internet continually forcing businesses globally to become ever more innovative with little to no increase in resources or budgets, it’s essential that companies embrace this challenge if they want to survive. Over the course of Read More

Understanding NPS, How It Works & Whether it’s a Measurement that Makes Sense

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Improving customer experience is one sure-fire way of expanding your business and establishing a credible brand name for yourself. After all, who doesn’t want their brand to be known for a great customer experience?! Great customer experience is essentially the key to a successful business. So why not use tools to help you improve your Read More

Consumer Trust (Part 2)

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Read the first part here Customers’ Preference for Innovation  In this world of ever-increasing change, companies have the chance to improve customer trust through innovative technological advances. Research has shown that customers have a preference for companies that have implemented innovative strategies of operation. Historically this innovation has taken the shape of improved efficiencies in business Read More