Consumer Trust (Part 2)

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Read the first part here Customers’ Preference for Innovation  In this world of ever-increasing change, companies have the chance to improve customer trust through innovative technological advances. Research has shown that customers have a preference for companies that have implemented innovative strategies of operation. Historically this innovation has taken the shape of improved efficiencies in business Read More

Consumer Trust is at an All Time Low

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In recent years, customer dynamics has become a very sensitive topic to brands and service providers in particular. The customers’ preferences and likes have slowly and gradually taken on greater importance as businesses work to provide and maintain an excellent customer experience. With the increased number of brands in the market, the issue of customer Read More

Nine Commandments

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Customer service is an integral part of our job and should not be seen as an extension of it. A company’s most vital asset is its customers. Without them, we would not and could not exist in business.  When you satisfy our customers, they not only help us grow by continuing to do business with Read More

The Voice of the Customer

9 years ago Hutch Morzaria 2
There are many ways of learning what is essential in your business.  However probably the most powerful and least practiced is that of Customer Feedback.  Having the greatest widget in the world is useless if your customers don’t want to buy it and if it doesn’t resolve a perceived need.  Getting that information from your Read More

Managing Technical Teams

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Managing technical staff is becoming more of a challenge daily. Even more so, when your staff are MORE technical than you are – which to some extent is expected … you are a manager and responsible for multiple area’s of the company, they are specialists and able to focus on their area to the exclusion Read More

Why Do Customers Matter?

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Perhaps this is stating the obvious, but we want a large base of loyal customers as they are  a lot more profitable than just “happy/satisfied” customers. They consistently do business with us and on top of that they give free advertising to others to do business with us. Besides that, we already know that is Read More

Do you know what they are thinking?

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Ensuring that you measure your customers expectations of your business as well as acting to meet and exceed those expectations is a key step in ensuring that you are running a successful and profitable business.  Gaining valuable insightful customer feedback is key to ensuring that your business continues to address consumers’ needs. Current data shows Read More

The Fallacy of Price

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A common misconception is that if you lower the price you will get more customers.  This is not always the case by anymeans and there are some significant downsides to playing the price card which you should consider. Now, you might not really have an option – if your competition has cut their price to Read More

Happy Customers vs. Satisfied Customers

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Choosing your customer – if you had a choice, would you pick a satisfied customer or a happy customer?  Well, first you need to understand the difference between these.  Neither of them are unhappy with you, your product or service so what differentiates them? What is a satisfied customer? You could say that they that Read More

The “Right” Customer

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Lets assume that you have the perfect product. One that everyone needs. You’ve priced it right and everyone in the world can afford it. It works without errors and flaws and doesn’t break and is extremely simple to use (while a smartphone is simple to use – its not necessarily cheap so finding that magic Read More

How do you measure First Call Resolution?

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What is First Call Resolution? Probably the first question to answer is “What is FCR?” – In its simplest form it is a measurement used by most technical call centres to determine how often a customer’s call is resolved at the first interaction. Measuring FCR Now while this statement is fairly easy to make … Read More