Top 3 Project Management Software Options for the Small Business

5 months ago Hutch Morzaria 1
Small business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs are probably one of the most overlooked group when it comes to marketing, software management and more. In fact, not many companies aim their customer service or work efficiency products and software towards them because the consensus is that this sector of the private industry cannot pay much. Neither Read More

DIDs and SIP Trunking for Dummies

6 months ago Hutch Morzaria 0
With regard to real-time communications, there are two aspects that businesses focus on. They would like a system that not only saves them money in the long run but is more efficient than the system they already have in place. This way, they can seamlessly upgrade their system while at the very same time keep Read More

The 5 Key Requirements of a Successful Project Manager

2 years ago Hutch Morzaria 0
1. Be a Leader AND A Manager:  Leaders share and communicate a common vision (of some future state); they gain agreement and establish the forward direction. Leadership is more than just telling someone what to do – it is inspiring them and motivating them by giving real world examples and ongoing guidance  Good Leaders motivate Read More

What is PRINCE2

7 years ago Hutch Morzaria 0
PRINCE2 stands for PRojects IN Controlled Environments and is a very popular method for effective Project Management.  PROJECT MANAGEMENT  While PRINCE2 is one way of managing Projects, it is worthwhile defining what exactly a project is and why it needs management in the first place!  A project is specific task/role that needs to be completed to meet certain Read More

Managing in a Matrix Structure

8 years ago Hutch Morzaria 0
Matrix management is somewhat different to the standard way of managing people and processes; however for a Project Manager, this is generally the only way of getting things done. Most projects operate in some kind of a matrix environment where resources to actually get the job done are acquired and released from other teams. In Read More