Setting up and Launching a Remote Office

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In the early days of my career I was responsible for setting up an operation in a different city. It was a great opportunity for me and something that I really wanted to succeed in, however looking back on that person with the experience I now have. Well, lets just say that I was very Read More


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Management of teams in a call center environment is never easy. Depending on your industry and your hours of operation not only do you often have to provide services and support during holiday periods, you often have to do it with a skeleton staff.  If those employees are on the bottom end of your performance Read More

What is the hardest thing about running a call center?

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I was recently asked this question in one of the forums that I am active on and its actually a surprisingly difficult question to answer.  Here’s what I said to the Questionaire … if you have a similar question, take a read through the points below but pay special attention to the extra info section. Read More

Internal & External SLA’s

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A very important point to remember at all times is that you need to have a more aggressive Internal SLA vs. the one that you are offering to your customers. I know it sounds self-evident doesn’t it, but there is no end of organizations that I’ve dealt with where customers are offered a 4hr SLA Read More

Erlang ‘C’ & Scheduling for Call Centres – III

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Skill-Based Routing Simpler to say than actually execute, SBR is a way of ensuring that your contact reaches the agent best suited to deal with and address their issue.  This assists in first call resolution but is also key when it comes to things like languages and specific technologies.  An easy example is ensuring that a Read More

Erlang ‘C’ & Scheduling for Call Centres – II

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Escalation Matrix – OK, great, we’ve got an SLA, we have the appropriate staff in place to take the call when they make it … now, what happens if they are not able to fix the problem?  Easy!  You get the problem to the right people that can fix it in a timely manner.  This Read More

SLA & Tiered Service Levels

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SLA – this is a difficult one.  You obviously want to offer all of your customers the premier, best in the world, platinum level of service, but unfortunately, that does not always make financial sense.  Customers need to be tiered dependent on the amount of money they pay you (see my post on the 80/20/30 Read More

KPI’s and the Importance of Measurements (part 2)

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Continuing from my previous post here, we’re going to get more in depth into KPI’s and their measurement now. How do I measure KPI’s? Get the data (whatever is important to you … if you use the examples previously mentioned, then track service outages by minutes for example vs. a specified date) into your spreadsheet or other Read More

KPI’s and the Importance of Measurements

12 years ago Hutch Morzaria 2
There is a great quote that goes something like – “If you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it!”  … this is so true and especially so in the Technical Support, Customer Service, and Operations areas. There are great KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and not so great ones.  The key is choosing the right one Read More