Understanding the Relationship Between Management and Organizational Behavior

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A successful business should have a good manager and good management. The manager plays a vital role in different activities in trading and helps the business to make a profit. A successful manager should be able to control employees and acquire his goals from the staff by assigning resources, making a decision and directing activities. Read More

What is ITIL CSI?

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#ITIL #CSI is more than just a buzzword. It is an idea that businesses can use to embrace best practices within their organization. Read More

Why Managers Need To Understand Organizational Behavior

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As managers begin to study organizational behavior, they will be struck by the fact that they can apply what they have learned immediately to the problems they encounter at work. Managers will be gaining a broad view of organizational behavior disciplines, and they will also find different ways they can alter their management philosophy to Read More

How to be a Good Boss and a Leader

8 months ago Hutch Morzaria 1
Many discussions have come up concerning bosses and leaders. We have seen many people discourage individuals from being bosses and becoming leaders. The question though is, are bosses inherently bad and are leaders inherently good? First, we will look at the definitions of the two words. Who or What is a Boss? A boss can Read More

Why Should You Care About Continual Service Improvement?

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If you have been following our blog for a while then you might have noticed that I’m a fan of something called ITIL. If you haven’t, then it’s fine as well. We’ll explain it to you in a moment. One of the modules of ITIL is CSI. CSI stands for Continual Service Improvement. If you’re Read More

Some Simple Steps to Improve Customer Experience

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Let’s take a simple example that everyone is familiar with – Email. Email is a fact of life now and many organizations have switched to email as the only way in which they provide support to their customers.  However humans are social animals and we are built to make judgments based on visual clues – this is Read More

Top 3 Project Management Software Options for the Small Business

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Small business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs are probably one of the most overlooked group when it comes to marketing, software management and more. In fact, not many companies aim their customer service or work efficiency products and software towards them because the consensus is that this sector of the private industry cannot pay much. Neither Read More

How Positive Feedback Influences The Bottom Line

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Positive feedback matters. It makes a difference in employee morale and motivation. As someone in the support and operations area of business, I cannot emphasize this enough. Let’s be honest, it’s easy to complain online if and when services that you expect do not get provided correctly or on time. To be completely frank, with Read More

An Introduction to Organizational Behaviour

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I’ve spoken earlier about OB and how it is used within businesses, but I thought that it might be useful to be a lot more detailed. So, over the course of this year expect regular posts on this topic which you can use in your own learnings. Organizational behaviour can be defined as the study Read More

How Leadership and Management Differ

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We always have considered leadership and management to be similar things – most people can’t even tell the difference. To them, a leader is a manager, and a manager is a leader hence leadership is management. Practically, we are not far from the truth. Leadership and management are two concepts with quite a range of Read More